"In my artistic practice I explore the relationship and effect of colours, shapes and materials. This results in objects with different textures as well as photographic works. Fluffy, shiny or textile surfaces create exciting visual contrasts and a strong sense of touch. Based on the appearance, nature and texture of the material, intuitive compositions are created in the image as well as forms in space. Figurative associations are not necessarily intended; the focus is on materiality and colour. When presenting the work, the exhibition space and its architectural features are incorporated and become elements of my work. I am experimenting with new forms of presentation beyond the classical hanging, so that the boundaries between staged photography, sculpture and installation shift".​​​​​​​
born in Grünstadt (Germany) 1991  -   lives and works in Essen (Germany)
since 2019_ studio in artist house and exhibitionspace Kunsthaus Essen
2018 - 2023 _artist collective Fridge_Plodge
9/2012 – 10/2017_Photography Studies (BA) at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany 
9/2015 – 6/2016_Fine Arts / Photography Studies at Art Academy Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden
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