current exhibitions:

a selection of works is showing at  Midstreet Gallery, Mittelstr. 30 Cologne
past exhibitions:
2024_ "perfect match" Ghosts​​​​​​​ / Raum matjoe, Cologne​​​​​​​
2023_"Pappe & Pulpo" Paul Prangenberg und Lara Fritsche / Midstreet Gallery, Cologne
2023_"Der Gott der nutzlosen Dinge/ the god of useless things" / Forum Mittelrhein, Koblenz
2023_"Solace", group exhibition at Prisma Éstudios, Lisbon, Portugal
2023_"Fabrikat89 Pop Up", group exhibition at Ehrenstraße 67, Cologne
2023_“Gossip Ghosts“, group exhibition at Kunsthaus Essen
2022_ Fridge_Plodge „Zeitlos edel und maximal weich“, solo show at Yes.Baby in Essen
2022_ „Katze im Sack“ group exhibition at Basis Projektraum Frankfurt 
2022_ „Resident Ghosts“ group exhibition at NKR Neuer Kunstraum Düsseldorf 
2020_“backyart“ group exhibition at  Marcellini Essen 
2019_„material minded“ solo exhibition at  Stadtteilfabrik Essen 
2019_ „R.E.M“ Wiesenviertelfest Witten
2019_“beste reste“ solo exhibition at  Cafe Livres Essen 
2019_“Freiraum“ group exhibition at Kunstverein Duisburg 
2018_“yes.rare“ solo exhibition at  Marcellini Essen 
2018_“oberes drittel“ solo exhibition at Maschinenhaus Essen 
2018_ „ready, made, shine“ solo exhibition at raumZ13 Essen 
2017_ „folkwang finale“ group exhibiton SANAA Essen 
2017_„glossy with a sparkle / nordic materiality“ solo exhibiton Galerie52 Essen
2016_„vår“ group exhibition galeri Rotor Gothenburg Sweden 
2016_“glossy with a sparkle“ solo exhibition galeri monitor Gothenburg Sweden 
2015_“popup“ group exhibition Viehofer Str. Essen 
2014_“rundgang“ group exhibition Essen 
2013_“beton im fokus“ group exhibition Rathausgalerie Essen

Prisma Éstudios Lisbon Portugal , August and September '23, supported by the Culture Moves Europe Grant from Goethe Institut

Grants + Scholarships :
2023 "150 Jahre Villa Hügel" project Grant, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung, Essen
2023 "culture moves Europe" Grant Goethe Institut 
2022 „Auf Gehts“ Scholarship NRW
2021 NRW Scholarship
2020 Project Scholarship: „Neue Perspektiven“, Kulturamt Essen
2020 Scholarship for Artists
2018 Art- and Culture Grant NRW/ IKF ecce GmbH– „Artistic Practice“
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